First Year Notes - Immunology

Lecture Notes

Notes by Raymond Cheong

[RC] Lec 01 (10-31 A) - Intro to Immunology
[RC] Lec 02 (10-31 B) - Immunoglobulins I, Structure and Function
[RC] Lec 03 (11-01 A) - Immunoglobulins II, Genetic Diversity
[RC] Lec 04 (11-01 B) - Immunoglobulins III, B Cell Development
[RC] Lec 05 (11-04 A) - Effector Functions of Antibody
[RC] Lec 06 (11-04 B) - Phagocytic Cells and Host Defense
[RC] Lec 07 (11-05 A) - Complement
[RC] Lec 08 (11-05 B) - T Cell Antigen Recognition I
[RC] Lec 09 (11-06 A) - T Cell Antigen Recognition II
[RC] Lec 11 (11-06 C) - T Cell Development
[RC] Lec 12 (11-07 A) - Dendritic Cells (APCs)
[RC] Lec 13 (11-07 B) - T Cell Tolerance
[RC] Lec 14 (11-07 C) - Lymphocyte Activation
[RC] Lec 15 (11-08 A) - T Cell Effector Function I
[RC] Lec 16 (11-08 B) - T Cell Effector Function II
[RC] Lec 17 (11-08 C) - Alloreactivity (transplants)
[RC] Lec 18 (11-11 A) - Cell Interactions
[RC] Lec 19 (11-11 B) - Primary Immunodeficiency (See Lec 18)
[RC] Lec 20 (11-12 A) - Natural Killer Cells
[RC] Lec 21 (11-12 B) - Allergy (immediate hypersensitivity)
[RC] Lec 22 (11-13 A) - Vaccines
[RC] Lec 23 (11-13 B) - Cancer Vaccines
[RC] Lec 24 (11-13 C) - Review Lecture

Notes by Nirav Kapadia

[NK] Allergies
[NK] Alloresponses
[NK] Antibody Structure and Function
[NK] B Cell Development
[NK] CD4 T Cells
[NK] CD8 Cytolytic T Lymphocytes
[NK] Complement
[NK] Dendritic Cells
[NK] Effector Functions of Antibodies
[NK] Genetic Basis of Antibody Diversity
[NK] Immunodeficiency
[NK] Innate Immunity
[NK] Intro to the Immune System
[NK] Lymphocyte Activation
[NK] Lymphoid Organs
[NK] Natural Killer Cells
[NK] T Cell Tolerance and Development
[NK] T Cell Tolerance
[NK] T Cell Antigen Recognition
[NK] Tumor Immunology

Notes by Nevine Ali

[NA] Immune System Intro
[NA] Innate Immunity (Principles, Patterns, Receptor Signaling)
[NA] Lymphocyte Activation
[NA] T Cell Tolerance
[NA] T Cell Selection and Central Tolerance
[NA] T Cell Effector I (CD4, Cytokines)
[NA] T Cell Effector Functions II (Cytolytic T Lymphocytes)
[NA] Genetic Basis of Antibody Diversity
[NA] Effector Functions of Antibody
[NA] Complement Cascade
[NA] B Cell Development
[NA] Antigen Presenting Cells (DC)
[NA] Antigen Recognition By T Cells
[NA] Antibody Structure and Function
[NA] 3 Phagocytic Cells, Innate Immunity, and Host Defense

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