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These webpages contain outlines, summaries, and tables of material presented to the first year class in 2002-2003 at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Helpful links are provided as well. Most of the material posted here was authored by me, but many other materials were donated by other members of the Class of 2006. People have found these outlines useful as study guides and lecture previews, or simply as a way to compare impressions of what is "important". Perhaps you will find a new use for them. In any case, it is my hope that future years will continue to benefit from and contribute to this resource.

Happy studying!

Raymond Cheong

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All documents posted herein that are not otherwise credited are authored by Raymond Cheong, Copyright 2004, All Rights Reserved. Outlines and other review materials not guaranteed to be error-free; consult course notes as needed; you may find it more useful to make an outline of your own; inform me if you find any errors so I can correct these outlines.